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Students of Red River College Downtown campus can now benefit from a special discount by Exchange Dental Centre

Winnipeg, Canada, Dec. 16, 2011: In an effort to provide good and affordable dental care to students, Exchange Dental Centre has started working with Red River College’s student association. Under the new student association benefit plan, all of the Red River College students will receive 80% coverage on their dental checkups and cleanings.

The association has chosen Exchange Dental Centre as its preferred provider for all dental services owing to its years of experience, the use of advanced technology and a great panel of dentists. The agreement was signed by Exchange Dental Center and the college’s insurance providers a few days back.

So what does this mean for students, especially the ones who cannot afford to pay for dental care? This primarily means that students can visit Exchange Dental Centre any time they have a problem, and because the centre is working officially with the RRC their insurance will cover 80% for cleaning and checkups, and the remaining 20% of dental costs will be borne by Exchange Dental Centre so at the end of the day the students end up paying absolutely nothing.

But what about other more expensive dental services such as root canals, fillings, and laser surgery etc? For these procedures Exchange Dental Center will cover 20% of the costs, for fillings, the student benefits plan will pay 70% of the dental costs, so the students will just have to pay 10% out of their own pocket.

For students that require major dental procedures where the coverage is just 15% students have the chance to save big time on these too. Exchange Dental Center will cover the students for 20% so students will end up saving 35% on all major dental work. So regardless of what the procedure may be students end up saving thousands of dollars annually on dental expenses.

About RRC’s benefits plan

RRC student association has been working closely with Exchange Dental Centre to offer a great benefits plan. The association has hooked up with numerous health professionals who work with the association to help students save on medical expenses. However, Exchange Dental Centre is one of the few health care providers who have gone that extra mile by offering huge discounts of their own in addition to the student’s own coverage.